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Product Part Number Our Price
Apple 190/3400/5300 Series
14.4 volt 3500 mAh NIMH battery.
LZ2753X Call
Apple G-3 1998 and Wall Street models LION battery
14.4 volt 4000 mAh LION battery. Replaces M4685
LZ2755 Call
Apple G3 series 1999 / Lombard / Pismo Battery
10.8 Volt 4800 mAh LION battery. Replaces Apple part number M7318.
LZ2757 Call
Apple iBook 1999 / 2000 LION battery
14.4 volt 3200 mAh LION battery. Replaces Apple part # M7426
LZ2754 Call
Apple iBook Dual USB 12
10.8 volt 4000 mAh LION battery
LZ2721 Call
Apple PowerBook 520-540 series
9.6 volts 2000 mAh
LZ1024 Call
Apple PowerBook G3 1997 series battery
14.4 volt 4050 mAh LION battery.
LZ2756 Call
Apple PowerBook G3 Firewire & Bronze Keyboard
10.8 volt 4800 mAh LION battery. For use with G3 models "Firewire" and the Bronze Keyboard edition. Replaces Apple # M7318.
LZ2757 Call

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