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  "Commitment, Courage, Caring"

     These are the hallmarks of police officers, who bravely devote their lives to keeping us and our communities safe. From motorcycle patrolman to SWAT team members, to officers on the beat, this superbly crafted series captures their world ... and honors them all.


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The items shown below are the only items that are currently available from Vanmark / Blue Sky, or are available in our inventory.

Most images shown can be viewed on a larger scale by clicking on the individual picture.


 PE88823  "Paper Detail"

 8.5"H, Limited Edition Sculpture

(2 in stock)




PE89111  "Just The Facts"

4"H, Ornament

(2 in stock)



PE89682  "Combat Tactics"

8 1/2"H, Limited Edition Sculpture

(Subject to availability)



PE95609 "Proceed With Caution"

8"H, Limited Edition Sculpture

(Subject to availability)



 PE89654  "The Salute"

9"H, Limited Edition Sculpture

(Subject to availability)



CO88944 "The Policeman"

11"Framed Print

(10" x 12" frame, 5" x 7" print)

(1 in stock)



PE88848  "Traffic Command"

4"H,  Ornament

(2 in stock)



SW88433 "Pint Size Police"

5"H, Limited Edition Sculpture

$17.00  (subject to availability)