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Product Part Number Our Price
Ericsson 1228 model Leather Case
Leather carrying case.
LC1228 $19.95
Ericsson 1228 / R280LX Car Charger
Vehicle charging cord.
IC0630 $19.95
Ericsson 1228 / R280LX Hi-Cap Battery
1100 mAh NiMH battery.
CZ0630 $59.95
Ericsson A2000 / R380 Hi-Cap Battery
1400 mAh Lithium-Ion battery.
CZR380XLI $69.95
Ericsson R280LX Leather Case
Leather case for Ericsson 1228 / R280LX.
LCR280 $19.95
Ericsson R380 Slim Battery
600 mAh Lithium-Ion slim battery.
CZR380SLI $69.95
Ericsson T28 / 18 / 20 Navigator Hands-Free
The original Navigator Hands-Free cradle by CCM. Crystal clear sound from a full duplex speaker. Charges battery and makes for safe in-car cell use.
NAV-ET28 $79.95
Ericsson T28 Battery (LION)
1100 mAh Lithium-Ion battery for Ericsson T28 cellular phones.
CZ0T28LI $69.00
Ericsson T28 Car Charger
Car cord/charger for Ericsson T28 phone.
CC0T28 $19.95
Ericsson T28 Leather Case
Leather case for Ericsson T28 phone.
LC0T28 $19.95
Ericsson T28 Twin Desktop Charger
Charges phone with battery in front and spare battery in back.
UTWT28 $49.95

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