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"Iwo Jima Memorial"

12"H x 8"W x 4.5"D

(subject to availability)



"Vietnam Veterans Wall"

11"H, 7"W, 5"D

Veterans Memorial


 "Iwo Jima Memorial"

18"H x 11"W x 6.5"D

(subject to availability)






Muletto Multi-Function Garden Cart

The Muletto is a revolutionary multi-purpose garden cart designed to save time and labor. With three world-wide patents, the Mulettto combines the capabilities of a wheelbarrow, hand truck dolly, extended dolly, leaf bag holder, rock lifter & mover, flower pot carrier & trailer mover all in one amazing unit. Made from premium steel, the Muletto combines excellent balance and a narrow wheelbase to make it much easier to use than traditional wheelbarrows.



Slot Machines

 $175.00 each



Holiday Buddies

     A beautiful holiday wreath encircles your pet's face with these Holiday Buddies Ornaments. Hang them on your mantle, Christmas tree,
in your window, or anywhere else you need a little more Holiday Spirit! They're cheerful reminders that we have so much to be happy about!



Neck Buddies


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If you don't see your battery listed, please ask for a price. This site is still under construction!


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    On September 11, 2001, we lost one of our closest friends in the World Trade Center.
Port Authority Police Department Lt. Robert D. Cirri (NJ-EMTP #799) responded to the terrorist attacks and died in the line of duty.


R. I. P. Brother, We Love You!

"KA2OTD logo is 2002, Lt. Robert D. Cirri Memorial Repeater Group/ and is used with permission.
All rights reserved."

     If you're looking for a hero, a role model, you don't have to look very far. You see, a hero isn't someone who hits home runs or scores touchdowns in front of thousands of cheering fans. A hero is an average citizen who does something extraordinary, to help someone else in need. A hero is a firefighter, who runs into a burning building, never once thinking of himself.  And if you want to find one of these heroes, all you have to do is look next door at your neighbor or your uncle, or perhaps across the breakfast table at your own dad!

-The Honorable Raymond Mariano, Mayor of Worcester, Massachusetts
-Worcester Fallen Firefighter's Memorial Service, December 9,  1999

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