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Kevlar RIT Belt

Golfire's new Kevlar RIT Belt is made 100% Kevlar for strength and maximum heat resistance. Ideal if you are a First Responder to a structure fire or are on the RIT/Fast Team. This one of a kind belt allows you to carry the most important tools for search/rescue and 1st due engine responsibilities. The belt is dawned prior to your SCBA harness leaving all of the attachments free and clear for you to work.

Included on the belt is:

Kevlar Saw Holder: The detachable Kevlar Holder attaches to the handle of any type of saw or heavy tool and easily clips back into the belt.

Tether: A 10ft Kevlar tether allows you to clip into your partner while conducting a search. The tether folds up for storage in a Nomex pouch.

Web Pack: The Nomex storage bag holds 24' of Climb Spec tubular webbing. Use the webbing for hauling tools, tying off, creating a full body harness or anything you can imagine.

Drag-U-Safe Kit: Attached with snaps and piggy backing the Web Pack is seven feet of webbing with handles in each end. This tool makes easy to drag a person out of a building.

Ax Holder: The Kevlar strap holds any size ax, halagen or any tool until it is needed.

Carabineer: The NFPA bineer has many options. Attach additional items such as a flashlight or thermal imaging camera.


All sizes available - add 6" to your normal waist size for coat girth.

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