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It can happen anywhere, at any time! In a heartbeat, a sudden accident or illness threatens our lives. Working under pressure in unpredictable conditions, emergency medical technicians
or paramedics calm our fears, treat us on the spot and speed us to hospital care. These lifelike works salute their courage and compassion.

UPDATE: As of 11/30/07, this product line has been discontinued and will no
longer be available when supplies are sold out.

Most images shown can be viewed on a larger scale by clicking on the individual picture.

EM93048  "Multi Photo Frame"

8"H,  (4" x 6" and 2" x 3" photos)

(subject to availability)



EM93049   "Photo Frame"

8"H,   (4" x 6" photo)

(subject to availability)



EM93050    "Photo Frame"

7.5"H,  (3 1/2"  x  5" photo)

(subject to availability)



EM93066   "Photo Frame"

6"H,   (4"  x  4" photo)

(subject to availability)



EM93067    "Photo Frame"

5"H,   (2"  x  3" photo)

(subject to availability)



EM93068 "E. M. T. Badge"

3.5"H, Lidded Box
(subject to availability)