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Product Part Number Our Price
Handy 4 cell AA / AAA battery charger with batteries
Convenient, wall mount AA and AAA cell charger. Comes complete with 4 Super Run-Time NIMH AA's, 1800 mAh.
KB01UL-C4 $39.95
Nickel Metal-Hydride 9 Volt battery
Rechargeable 9 volt "No-Memory" battery.
MH-9 $9.00
Nickel Metal-Hydride AAA cell
"No-Memory", rechargeable AAA cell with consumer top.(Not for pack assembly)
MH-AAA $5.75
Nickel Metal-Hydride High Capacity AA cell
"No-Memory" AA cell with consumer top. (Not for pack assembly) Super Run-Time 1800 mAh.
MH-AA $5.50

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