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New York Firefighters Belt

with Quick on Add-Ons

Two inch heavy duty Climb-Spec Nylon webbing makes up the New York Firefighters Belt. Included is 3M lime yellow and silver reflective. Heavy Duty (with a rating of over 250 lbs) clip on attachments allow you to attach and detach your equipment. In case of an emergency easily pop the main clip and let the belt drop.

Essentially you have the ability to create your own belt to accommodate the tools you have. The New York Firefighters Belt is purchased like a menu item, you order the belt along with what accessory attachments you would like to have.

Great Price!!!!!

Belt Ad-On Options: Flash Light Holder, Saw Holder, Strap w/ Carabineer, Ax Holder, Drag-U-Safe Kit, Web Pack, Search Line/Tagline Kit - And More to come!

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