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FM81311 "Red Hats Of Courage Plaque"  



FM88013 "Job Well Done Coin & Key Holder"



FM88021  "Dalmatian Friend"

3.5"H, Candle Holder"


FM88016        5.5"H  Fire Engine Bookend  

$24.50 (rear only)

(subject to availability)  

     For those of you who purchased just the front of this bookend when it was released in 1997, the back end is now available. The original model # is FM88105, and the complete set is shown above.


FM88022 "Trustworthy"

4"H, Pencil Holder


FM88023 "Comfort & Safety"

5.5"H, Musical Water Globe,  

Plays: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


FM88024 "Armed & Ready"

5.5"H, Musical Water Globe,  

Plays: Wind Beneath My Wings


FM88025 "Trusted Partner"

7.5"H, Photo Frame (4" x 6" photo)



FM88026  5"H,   Fireman's Accessories Bookends 


FM88027    "Just In Time"

4"H Clock (battery not included)


FM88028   Fire Hydrant Lidded Box



FM88029 "Local Station"

8"H, Photo Frame (4"x 6" photo)


FM88031  "I'm On It"

4.5"H, Sculpture Limited Edition


FM88032   "Furry Firefighters"

4.5"H, Sculpture Limited Edition



FM88033 "Courage Captured"

3"H, Sculpture Limited Edition


FM88034  "Hero's Helper"

3"H, Sculpture Limited Edition


FM88036 "Partners"

5.5"H, Musical Water Globe,   

Plays: Side By Side


FM88037 "Dalmatian Family"

5.5"H, Musical Water Globe,  

Plays: Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Done


FM88038 "Dalmatian Bank"



FM88061 "Engine"

9.5"H, Photo Frame (4" x 6" photo)


FM88062 "Fire Safety"

4.5"H, Photo Frame (3" x 2" photo)


FM88063 "Dalmatian Dedication"

12"H Lamp (15W bulb included)


FM88064 "You're My Hero"

5.5"H, Musical Water Globe,  

Plays: You've Got A Friend


FM88065 "Meeting The Challenge"

5.5"H, Plays: Chariots Of Fire



FM88067  "Where's The Fire"

13.5"H, Framed Print (8" x 10")


FM88071 "Fire Hydrant Business Card Holder"




FM88078  "Fire Hydrant Bank"



FM88095  "Our Savior"

3.5"H Ornament

(subject to availability)



FM88096  "The Best Of The Best"

3.5"H Ornament



FM88097 "Daily Duty"

4"H Ornament



FM88098 "Team Work"

3.5"H Ornament


FM88099  "Puppy Love"

2.5"H Ornament


FM8100  "Dalmatian Fun"

3.5"H Ornament

(subject to availability)



FM88105        Fire Engine Bookends  




FM8107 "Fireman's Best Friend"

11"H, Multi Photo Frame

(6"x 4" & 2" x 3" photos)


FM88108 "Ready For Anything"

6.5" Photo Frame (4"x 4" photo)  



FM88112   1911 Vintage Fire Engine    

4"H Sculpture


FM88113   1920 Vintage Fire Engine    

4"H Sculpture


FM88114   1935 Vintage Fire Engine    

4"H Sculpture


FM88115   1951 Vintage Fire Engine    

4"H Sculpture


FM88116   1874 Vintage Fire Engine   

5"H Sculpture


FM88117   1866 Vintage Fire Engine    

6.5"H Sculpture


FM88118 "Firehouse Lamp"

12"H Lamp (15W bulb included)



FM88119 "Nozzlemen"

9"H, Photo Frame (4" x 6" photo)



FM88120 "Laddermen" 

 8"H, Photo Frame

(3 1/2" x 5" photo)   


FM88121 "Fire Truck"

6"H, Multi Photo Frame

(5" x 3 1/2" & 2" x 3" photos)


FM88144 "Firehouse Family"

4"H, Sculpture Limited Edition


FM88145  "Reliable Partner"

4"H, Sculpture Limited Edition

FM88146  Antique Fire Engine Lidded Box


(subject to availability)  



FM88147 Antique Fire Engine 

4.5"H, Medium Caddy


FM88148 Antique Fire Engine

2"H, Small Caddy



FM88149 Antique Fire Engine 

2.5"H, Notepad Holder


FM88150 Antique Fire Engine 

2"H, Wood Desk Organizer


FM88151 "Fireman's Friends Lamp"

13"H Lamp (15W bulb included)


FM88152 "The Old Times Lamp"

12"H Lamp (15W bulb included)


FM88153  1920 Fire Engine Bookends  



FM88154   1911 Fire Engine Bookends 



FM88156    "In The Nick Of Time"

5"H Clock (battery not included)



FM88157 "Rescue"

11"H, Multi Photo Frame (6"x 4" & 2" x 3" photos)



FM88158 "The Old Times"

8.5"H, Multi Photo Frame

(4"x 6" & 2" x 3" photos)


FM88160 "Fireman's Essentials"

8"H, Photo Frame (6"x 4" photo)


FM88161   "Wood Desk Clock"

1.5"H, Wood Desk Clock  (battery included)


FM88162 "Time To Fight Fire"

1.5" x 9" x 3",  Wood Desk Clock  (battery included)


FM88163 "Everyday Hero"

7"H, Classic Dome Clock 

(battery not included) 


FM88164  Fire Engine Lidded Box




FM88165  "Hard Days Work"

4.5"H Ornament



FM88166  "Our Future Depends On Him"

4"H Ornament


FM88167  "New Found Friend"

4.5"H Ornament


FM88168  "Play Time"

4.5"H Ornament


FM88169  "End Of Shift"

4.5"H Ornament



FM88170  "Keeping   Communication"

4.5"H Ornament

(subject to availability)



FM88176  "Antique Fire Engine Wall Plaque"




FM88187 "911 Photo Frame"

10"H, Photo Frame  (5"x7" photo)



FM88188 "Fire Fighting Fury"

9.5"H, Photo Frame

(5" x 7" photo)


FM88189  Multi Photo Frame


(2"x2", 2"x2" 3"x2" photos)


FM88190 "Ready To Attack"

4.5"H, Large Wooden Caddy



4.5"H, Medium Caddy


FM88192 "Sharing Words"

6"H, Shelf Sitter



5.5"H, Clock (battery not included)


FM88196  Pencil Holder


(subject to availability)  



FM88197 "Dalmatian At The Station"

6"H, Multi Photo Frame 

(6" x 4" and 2" x 3" photos) 


FM88198 "A Fireman's Clock"

2" x 9" x 3.5",  Wood Desk Clock  (battery included)

FM88330 "Dedicated Dalmatian"

2.5"H, x 14.5"W x 5.5"D 

Executive Desk Organizer  (pen and notepad included) 


FM88331 "A Hero's Hat"

8"H,  4" x 4" Frame & Note Holder 

(pen & note pad included)


FM88332 "Rookies"

6"H, Shelf Sitter


FM88333 "Comfort & Solace"

6"H, Multi Photo Frame 

(2" x 3" and 6" x 4" photos) 


FM88335 "Fire Station Photo Frame"

9.5"H,  (4" x 6" photo)


FM88336 "Four Legged Friend Photo Frame"

9.5"H, (4" x 6" photo)


FM88337 "The Essentials" 

8.5" Photo Frame (3 1/2" x 5" photo)


FM88338 "The Proper Equipment Photo Frame"

6"H,  (5" x 3.5" photo)


FM88339 "Comfort & Solace Water Globe"

5"H, Plays: You've Got A Friend


FM88340 "Hero III Water Globe"

7"H, Plays: Chariots Of Fire 


FM88341 "Precautionary Measures Water Globe"

5.5"H, Plays: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 


FM88344 "Firemen's Time Clock"

4"H, (battery not included) 


FM88345 "Helmet Bank"

4.5"H, Bank


FM88367 "Helmet Beacon"

3.5"H, Ceramic Tea Light Candle Holder 

(candle not included)


FM88368 "Hydrant Beacon"

6"H, Ceramic Tea Light Candle Holder 

(candle not included)


FM88373 "Antique Fire Engine"

9"H x 11"W x 2.5"D,  Shadow Box 


FM88374 "Fireman's Key Rack"

6.5"H, Key Rack 


FM88378 "The Right Gear"

3.5"H, Business Card Holder 


FM88379 "Tied Up"

3"H, Candle Holder (candle not included)

(subject to availability)  



FM88381 "Axe & Hose"

3.5"H, Pencil Holder 


FM88382 "End Of Shift Ornament"


(subject to availability)



FM88383 "Comfort & Solace Ornament"


(subject to availability)  



FM88384 "Thank You Boy Ornament"


(subject to availability)



FM88385 "Precautionary Measures Ornament"


(subject to availability)



FM88386 "Fire Scene Prep Ornament"


(subject to availability)



FM88387 "Hero III Ornament"

4" H

(subject to availability)



FM88388 "Daily Action"

4"H, Ornament

(subject to availability)



FM88389 "Scene Report"

3.5"H, Ornament

(subject to availability)



FM88390 "At Your Command"

3.5"H, Ornament

(subject to availability)



FM88391 "Jump Start"

2"H, Ornament

(subject to availability)



FM88647 "Dalmatian Beacon"

8.5"H, Ceramic Tea Light Candle Holder 

(candle not included)


FM88650 "Firemen's 32 Piece Chess Set"

3"  x  15"  x  15", Chess Set

(average size of individual piece, 2.5" x 1.5" x 1.5")


FM88685 "Fire Department"

7"H, Resin & Acrylic Photo Frame

(7" x  5" photo)


FM88688 "Firemen's Aid"

7"H, Resin & Acrylic Photo Frame

(7" x  5" photo)


FM88689 "Treasured"

1"H, Pewter Finish Lidded Box


FM88691 "Symbols Of Courage"

5"H, Pewter Finish Letter Holder


FM88692 "Treasure Box"

1"H, Pewter Finish Note Pad Holder

(holds 3" x 3" note pad)


FM88693 "Clockwise"

6"H, Pewter Finish Clock (battery not included)


FM88696 "Spirit Of A Fireman"

5"H, Pewter Finish Photo Frame

(6"  x  4" photo)


FM88697 "The Right Time"

8.5" x 7" x 1.5" Bevel Glass Clock

(battery not included)


FM89425 "Picture Of Courage"

6.5"H, Pewter Finish Photo Frame

(3 1/2" x  5" photo)


FM89473 "Holiday Outing"

4 1/2"H Ornament


FM89474 "Seasonal Festivities"

4 1/2"H Ornament


FM89475 "New Christmas Puppy"

4 1/2"H Ornament


FM89476 "Gifts From The Heart"

4 1/2"H Ornament


FM89499 "Courage"

4"H, Pewter Finish Photo Frame

(4" x 6" photo)


FM89510 "Equipped"

4" x 3.5" x 3.5" Pewter Finish Pencil Holder



FM89516 "Tools of the Trade"

5"H, Lidded Box


FM89518 "Take Note"

7"H, Pen & Note Pad Holder
(Pen & Note Paper included)


FM89520 "Hero Mail"

8" L, Pewter Finish Letter Opener


FM95421 "Fill The Boot"

7.5"H, Bank


FM95431 "The Maltese Cross"

5.5"H, Bookends (pair)


FM82821 "Best Boot Pencil Holder"

4.5"H, Pen & Pencil Holder


FM82814 "Being of Service"

7.5"H, Wall Plaque


FM82808 "Hoseman"

9"H, Photo Frame, holds (4" x 6" photo)


FM95424 "Firetime Memories"

8.5"H, Photo Frame, holds (4" x 6" photo)


FM95432 "Diamond Plate Treasures"

6.5"H, Trinket Box


FM95423 "Diamond Plate Memories"

8"H, Photo Frame, holds (3.5" x 5" photo)

FM88155    "Fireman's Essentials"

4"H Clock (battery included)


CO88920 "On The Job"

6.5"H, Sculpture Limited Edition



"Musical Best Friends"

5.5"H,  Plays: Best Of Friends


BC78678  "Fire Bear"

2"H, Wearable Pin

  (few in stock)