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Stor Haul

Secure, Store and Haul All Your Loose Items! 

Ideal for a Set of Irons, Electrical Cord, Hose, Rope, Hydraulic Lines

Simply place the strap around any object, clip together, and sinch tight!


 Most equipment is stored either loose, in crates, or with non lasting velcro straps. The StorHaul was developed to permanently secure all of your loose lines critical to all calls. The quick release buckle is rated to 165 lbs and the d-ring for 118 lbs. Because the StorHaul has male and female ends, many can be attached together to increase its diameter carrying capacity. It also offers a built-in handle and D-Ring to make it easy to carry and store your vital equipment. 


Colors available: Black, Red, Blue, and Yellow

This product is made by 

Firefighter's for Firefighter's! 

$3.00 each or 4 for $10.00


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