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"Baldwinsville Bail Out - Tagline Bag" 

Patent Pending

Made of NOMEX

   Proven To Work!

Training CD now available!


Wear in Bunker Pants Pocket or attach to your SCBA Harness, Truckee Belt or Gut Belt. The bag packs just like a water throw bag.

The Baldwinsville Gravity Bag was developed to be compact and fed by gravity. Open the bottom of the bag, grab and secure the load-bearing carabineer, and throw the bag to the desired location. You now have a line to bail out with. The Gravity Bag is also a Tag Line as heavy duty snaps are used as opposed to Velcro. By leaving all snaps closed and securing the carabineer to a fixed point outside a building, the line will not feed unless the Firefighter is moving. You are left with an egress route out to your starting point. The bag also conforms to the body so that it does not interfere with tools or hose allowing you to work freely.

New Option

Now available! Bail Out Kits with pockets! Two pockets can be added to any size Bail Out Kit. You can place extra carabineers, figure 8's or any other tool directly into the pocket for quick access!

Made affordable for all firefighters.

Bail Out Sizes: 25', 35', 50',70', & 100'

Tagline Sizes: 50', 70', 100',140', & 200'

Bags available in Red, Black, & Yellow

Weight approx: 25'-1.85 lbs, 35'-2 lbs, 50'-2.25 lbs, 100' 3.75 lbs

Bail Out/8mm - 4025 lb. One man rescue rope - Tagline/ 6.8mm Kevlar

One Omega Alum. Quick Lock Beener 6700 lb.

One Quick Release Oval Beener for SCBA attachment.

24" Chafe guard - Bail Out only.

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